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Jones, Brandy


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Brandy Jones is an Inuit artist based out of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Her art is an abstract interpretation of many styles of native art combined. Her work is inspired by Haida, Salish, Inuit and Plains art, The bright colors represent all nations.
Brandy’s work represents the unity of all Indigenous nations and forms a unique abstract style of her own. Her intention is to place a spotlight on the Indigenous Peoples of Canada and the fibers of their rich and colorful heritage. She strongly believes that there is healing through heritage and continues to learn and share knowledge daily.
Brandy has been privileged to work full time as an artist and chooses to use her gifts and voice to both educate and inspire people on the beauty, hardships and success that Indigenous people have faced in the past and present. Her use of abstract mixed mediums leaves the viewer with the curiosity to explore the layers of beauty that lie within Canada's Indigenous peoples.